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Elentec Co., Ltd
337-17, Woncheon-Dong,, Youngdong-Gu, Suwon-city, Kyungki-Do
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Lee, Dong Ho
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Elentec Co.,Ltd.
Elentec is one of the leading manufacturers for electronics parts and goods.
Our main products are battery packs for Mobile Phone, Note PC, PDA and Camcorder, Pcb ass'y, MP3 and Settopbox, etcs. We have total manufacturing process from R&D, Tooling, Injection molding, SMT(Pcb ass'y) and Assembly in house. Head office is located in Suwon-city, Korea and have 5 overseas manufacturing factories in Malaisia, China, India and Mexico. Through our manufacturing networks, we are serving all the people around the world.
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   Company Name: Elentec Co., Ltd
   Contact Person: Lee, Dong Ho  
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   Address: 337-17, Woncheon-Dong,, Youngdong-Gu, Suwon-city, Kyungki-Do, Korea
   Telephone: 82-31-211-9820
   Fax: 82-31-215-8875

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